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Mobile Towbar Fitters in Chatham

We provide a completely mobile service in Chatham here Fast Fitz have been fitting TowBars since 1993 and have gained a reputation as a trusted, reliable and professional company offering the highest standards of workmanship to both our retail and trade customers.

At Fast Fitz Mobile Towbar Fitters we offer a Mobile TowBar Fitting service in Chatham which is very convenient. There are no hidden charges with our quotes. All of our prices include both the supply and installation of your TowBar, what you see is what you get. Our Mobile Towbar Fitters will test your TowBar before you take it out on the road to guarantee its safety. Whether you want your TowBar for small or heavy loads we will have the right one for you. Our TowBar service is mobile and will be able to visit you at a suitable time and place.

Chatham is located in north Kent, in the south East of England. Chatham is situated near the River Medway which gives the town a lot of advantages due to the south north flow. However over the years the importance of this dockyard has decreased immensely, it was completely closed however it was later opened as a historical destination. Chatham Historical dockyard was also under consideration to become a world heritage site. Chatham dockyard which was declared as a Royal dockyard by Queen Elizabeth I which lead to thousands of men being employed to maintain the dockyard and make sure everything ran smoothly. Many different vessels were built and launched at the Chatham dockyard, the most famous vessel built in the dockyard was the HMS Victory. The HMS Victory was a gun ship created by the Royal Navy and was famous for being used in Lord Nelson’s battles. After the First World War lots of submarines were constructed in Chatham dockyard too.

Upnor Castle was built on the west bank of the river Medway in Kent and was built in 1567 as a defence mechanism to prevent attacks. However these methods of defence were inadequate. This then lead to the Fort Amherst being built in Medway to protect the Chatham dockyard against French invasion. Multiple land attack threats lead to many more forts being constructed such as Fort Pitt which was built between Chatham and Rochester , it later became a hospital with was supported by Florence Nightingale. Fort Luton was also built to defend against invasion threats against Chatham. The Royal Marine barracks are located in Chatham and were built in 1780 and were located south of the Chatham dockyard.

Because of the importance of men which were needed to work in Chatham it lead to the growth of the town. This meant that transport links needed to be improved so more tram lines were constructed and busses were later introduced. The first road built in Chatham was the Roman road called Watling Street which passes through the town. Lot of traffic passes round the Chatham area and sometimes the transport links can be inadequate which lead to many changes to the roads. Eventually the roads were put into a two way system and bus services were improved. Train services were also improved, Chatham train station was opened in 1856 and it provided better access to not only Chatham but to the surrounding areas such as Kent and London too.

Chatham Town F.C plays in the southern counties east football league; they play their home games on the CJ Doors stadium in Chatham and are managed by James Collins. Holcombe Hockey club is based in Chatham and is one of the largest in the world some of the men are part of the England hockey league. Power kite flying is popular in Chatham and it takes place in the Great Lines Heritage Park and at Capstone Farm Country Park.